About Us

Muck Boots Direct is an independent online retailer of Muck Boots. We sell only Muck Boots because we are 100% committed to the product. Muck Boots are not available through just any retailer, and can be difficult to find. Muck Boots Direct was started to give people throughout the US a way to purchase this high quality product online, even if there are no local retail outlets.
With warehouses in Binghamton, NY, and offices located in Syracuse, NY, we have access to a large inventory, giving us the ability to supply all your Muck Boot footwear needs. We are certain that we can provide the best customer service, the best price, and the best risk-free exchanges. You can feel confident that you are doing business with a reputable company.

Muck Boots Direct
PO Box 2672
Liverpool, NY 13089-2672